Demis the Dash is my name and I am a little aeroplane and my job is to fly people to the lovely Greek Islands.
Athens is the busy airport where I live with my family and chums, the other Dash aeroplanes and my Uncle Costas.
My friends the Captain, Maria and Nicos assist me with this by helping to keep the passengers comfortable and safe as we fly to and fro.
I would love you to read of my escapades and meet my friends. I have eight stories for you.
My first book' Demis the Dash', tells of my flight to Leros Island, is available together with 'Demis to the Rescue' and 'Demis flies to Arki'.
My next book 'Wish you were Here', will be published ready for Christmas 2017. Further Demis books will be coming in 2018. So watch this space for details or follow me on Face Book or Twitter for departure times and then fasten your seat belts and join me in my everyday adventures..