The Author
A little about me.
Always an avid writer but with a busy career in Hospitality I rarely had time to put pen to paper. However, things changed with retirement when I found myself sailing in the Greek Islands.
The diversity and the beauty of the Aegean inspired me and I journalised all my travels. Sometimes writing articles which found their way to be published.
My inspiration for Demis came, when on the island of Leros I was captivated by the de Havilland-Bombardier Dash- 8 as this small hardworking aeroplane made its frequent visits to the island’s tiny airport. Hence I created the Demis stories, most of them fictitious, some based on true incidents.
Not only is Demis a fun character but he engages himself in everyday Greek life, environmental and safety issues; he introduces the reader to air travel and the wonders of the islands.
In 2014 I teamed up with Maira Stefou and with her artistic talents and my knowledge of the Greek Islands we were able to bring my vision of Demis alive.
I hope you enjoy his stories.